Saturday, March 31, 2012

The week that was Alannah's 6th Birthday - Part 1

Alannah turned 6 this week, I know it's what we all say but how did that happen?  Unfortunately she was sick all week, so sick that on her birthday she only managed a few bites of her lemon delicious birthday pudding/cake (and nothing else for a number of days.)

Later in the week she was feeling better and went to school to share her birthday cake with her classmates, thanks Patch Andi for a very impressive decorating idea. (But I was called in later to bring her home when she came back down with fever and her asthma worsened.)

Today although still not 100% she had a great afternoon with her friends.  Our Easter themed party went just as she planned, although numbers were down as some of her friends were also sick...

Tomorrow after I have hopefully got some rest, I will fill you in on the party.

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