Sunday, March 25, 2012

Annual Photo Album

Over the weekend we recieved a book I ordered through Blurb.  A friend has been making annual family albums for a few years, which are fantastic.  So I decided to give one a go.  I love taking photos of the kids and our adventures but after they are uploaded to the computer I never do anymore with them, which is such a waste.  It took a year but I finally finshed our 2010, 150 page album, 10 days ago.

The girls loved looking through it they spent nearly an hour picking themselves out and reminicing all the places we went that year.  Totally worth all the effort, I have already started on 2011. 


  1. Wow! Good for you! I've yet to even start many albums I mean to put together. My photos are still languishing on the hard drive. (Or in stacks since I did get a bunch printed for something more like a scrapbook than an album.)

    1. Scrapbook would be great, but my kids would, I am sure pull each and every photo over time. Actually we have a shoebox of photos, before we knew we were moving we put up cork boarding on the walls of our toilet and collaged the walls with photos, was very cool but too much effort now we are renting again...