Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thanks, you made our day

I visited my local patchwork store today Cotton & Color, as I needed some more pearl thread to finish Philippa's quilt.  Guess who I bumped into Gail Pan and Helen Stubbings of Hugs' n Kisses, quilters from Australia who are running classes here over the weekend.  So nice to meet some quilting "celebrities" from home.  Also I got my thread and as always a few extras....  That is definitely one of the dangers of venturing to the local store (actually ANY sewing store) as I always come away with extras.  But I do like the gems that they hold stock of which have long since sold out online.  Today I spotted a bolt of Girl on a Swing on a pink background, oh how I was tempted to buy a couple of meters just because I could.

Also today, thanks to a lovely little girl clearing out her "baby" toys, I also got to be mum of the day by bringing home a lovely large dolls house home.  The house came complete with wooden furniture and dolls.  Not only were the girls in girlie heaven but I was very happy to get such a great bargain.  So it has a few paint chips, did the girls notice, no way they love it!  I have been looking for a dolls house since Alannah was a baby, but have had this crazy idea of what I was after, massive, wooden, the time I manage to find this or acquire the skills to build it myself my girls will be having kids themselves!  Absolutely no idea why I suddenly decided that this was the dolls house and now was the time, but everyone is happy.

So all in all a great day for the me + the girls!

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