Friday, March 9, 2012

Zippered Pouches

This weekend we, well at least Alannah has two birthday parties to attend, yep it is a sad day when your 5 year old has a busier social calender than your own.  So we needed presents. When I can, I definitely prefer to make a gift.  Previously I have made skirts, shorts, dolls, and when I don't have the time or inclination its books or art supplies that we tend to gift.  This time I decided to make  personalised zippered pouches.

This is not the first time I have sewed these pouches.  I first came across Toni from Make it Perfect's tutorial for a zippered pouch, before we came to Switzerland.  I made them for my girls as gifts for the plane to have some small presents inside to keep them busy on the long journey.  This time I have made them a little larger, 10" x 6 1/2" finished size.  Plus I like to patch, bat and quilt back and front.

After making the first pouches for the girls, I thought the same pattern would make great cases for the headphones the girls use for travel.  So I used the same pattern but just changed the shape of the pattern to look a little more curvy (headphone shapely).  I used denim for the front with my own design owl appliques and on the back I used spotted owl in Blue on one and Natural on the other.  I also used iron on batting back and  front so no quilting on these. 

We also purchased a DVD player for the trip so yep you guessed it I made a matching case to the headphone cases.  I used Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson's tutorial simple laptop sleeve.  Again the applique is of my own design to match the ribbon on the front of the case.  The case is lined with Ta Da Dot in Bubblegum.

So there you have it, isn't amazing how one little bit of sewing spirals into so much more sewing.

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  1. Your blog is fabulous! Loving all your creative works :)