Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Robyn's Quilt

You should recognise this quilt from my current banner.  This is a quilt I made last year, for my Mother in Law, as a Birthday and as it was gifted then, Christmas gift.  Robyn has embroidered beautiful blankets for each of my girls, so with it being a bit of a milestone birthday I decided to make her something special.

The fabric is all Laura Gunn from her Poppy collection in the Spice Palette.  I love these fabrics but   procrastinated over the fabric choice for a couple of months, which when i finally made my decision, made getting hold of them quite difficult.  I don't always make a quilt from a single fabric line, but these are so beautiful I really just wanted to showcase the fabric.  The pattern was 100% inspired by Abbey Lane Quilts Just Let It Be pattern.  I loved the overall effect of the fabric with this style of quilt but wanted to mix it up a bit myself.  Infact I loved the Big Poppy Print so much I used it for the backing with a strip of the other left over fabrics from the front. The binding was Poppy Silhouette in Denim.

I love hand quilting, possibly because I enjoy trashy TV so it gives me an excuse to watch without feeling completely lazy, or because I find it so difficult to wrangle a whole quilt through my machine.  So as with almost all my quilts this was hand quilted.  I used Pearl 8 thread in green and orange tones with large and small flower motif.  I use a washable pencil to mark the stencil on.  This was the first time I have used  a purchased stencil, normally I use straight lines or have made my own stencils.

 It was definitely hard to let this one go, but I know it has gone to a good home.

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  1. Your quilt is absolutely stunning, Margaret! I can totally understand why it was hard to goodbye to it. ...and I love that you love trashy TV too. :P Me too. <3 Kate