Sunday, April 1, 2012

The week that was Alannah's 6th Birthday - Part 2

This year we decided to have an Easter themed birthday party as it was the first day of Easter holidays.  We were lucky to get a super sunny spring day so we could proceed with the party in the garden as we hoped.

The party was packed with Easter crafting but we were so busy helping the kids, and stopping them from getting the egg dyes all over themselves we forgot to take photos till the food came out!! 

Firstly they made themselves a set of bunny ears, then they filled their egg baskets with fake grass attached a handle and we started colouring eggs. I had supplies to decorate the bags but we ran out of time.  The bags were for the Easter egg hunt and to put the other goodies they collected away in to avoid tears when they misplaced items.

So here are the little bunnies enjoying the food.  Some great Aussie/Kiwi classics, fairy bread, fruit skewers, jelly orange segments, popcorn, chips and grapes.  Small selection but I learnt a few parties ago that over catering is not appreciated by the little punters.  A few simple classics are easier for the host and just as well appreciated by the kids.

While the kids were eating the Easter bunny was busy hiding chocolate eggs around the garden. 

After racing around the garden collecting eggs, which they did a great job of, we have not discovered any missed eggs.  We started the hard boiled egg games.  First up was the egg and spoon race.  The kids divided into pairs and did a relay race with one of their decorated hard boiled eggs and a spoon per pair.  Winners picked a small gift, from the gift box.  As fortune had it, all teams won one race each.

After the races we tried some egg rolling, the competitive kids were very careful with the rolling others were quite excited by the eggs smashing everywhere with more of a throw than roll technique.

Finally it was birthday cake time.  This year we tried another new cake, the smash cake!  We were a little nervous about not achieving a thick enough chocolate shell and did two coats, just for reference one definitely would have been enough.  Underneath we did an ice cream cake, strawberry and vanilla swirl with raspberries smashed through served with the milk chocolate dome.  It was meant to look like an Easter egg, but we ran out of time to decorate.....Still the kids thought it was pretty great.

After the guests had gone home and we had cleaned up, Alannah was finally allowed  to open her presents.  Thank you from Alannah to all her guests for a wonderful birthday and your very lovely gifts, it wouldn't have been the same without you.

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