Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toilet Roll People

The beautiful sunny warm spring weather is long gone, it has been raining constantly for the last couple of days.  Yep the kids are finally well but we are still house bound!  The girls love making stuff, and really wanted to make more toilet roll people.   Last Autumn while Pippi napped we made some toilet roll people on a similar wet school holiday day.  The girls loved sifting through my wool and fabric scraps these were what they made: 

Axle and Lucy
Worry Doll

Xanthe made Worry Doll toilet roll doll.  She is super special, she lives in Xanthe's bed under her pillow.  She is a little squashed and smudged but she is well loved and burdened with many worries, well all the worries a happy 3 year old can have!

So today we made a fresh batch of toilet roll dolls.  Xanthe made Princess Xanthe Worry Doll, a lot of time and effort went into the outfit. Pretty sure this will end up under her pillow to at some stage........if she will fit.

Princess Xanthe Worry Doll

Alannah decided to make a family, our family.  Daddy, Mummy and the girls.

Our Family

Philippa was awake for this session of doll making but was more interested in using toilet rolls as binoculars than decorating them!

We were too busy having fun to think about taking photos at the time, but here are the girls hanging out with their toilet roll people watching Mr Maker (yep seriously)!

So toilet roll people are lots of fun to make and play with.  They are not overly robust toys but super cheap and fun to replace.  I think they are pretty open to interpretation on the construction but I would recommend staples to hold bits together.

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