Thursday, April 26, 2012

KCWC day 1 to 3 progress.

So it took day 1 and 2 but my first item is finished!  Alannah has Pajama day at school on Friday so a new pair of Pj's were in order.  I used an old pair of Pajama's for the rough pattern.  It would have been easier with an actual pattern but I was quite surprised at how well I managed without.  There was lots of procrastination before cutting, I was sooo nervous that I was going to completely muck it up!!  So I made them quite big, then sized them down a bit and finally decided to leave them a little too big, as room to grow is always a good thing.  The trim is made from a scrap I received in a recent scrap pack (from Hawthorne Threads, which I see have sold out) and is Michael Miller's Ta Dot in fuschia . I couldn't believe how well it matched.  If I had more I would have folded the cuff  in half stitched it to the bottom of the pants and then top stitched the seam.  I didn't, so I sewed on the contrast fabric and hemmed it which looks a bit odd to me, but I am sure no one else will notice.  The main pant fabric is Ann Kelle's from her Desert Party range, the Sorbet print on a white background.  The Tee shirt is a cheapie from H&M which I appliqued the simple ice block shape on to make the set. 

On Wednesday, or Day 3 as it is known this week, I started my mans business shirt to a dress project.  I first got the idea from Dana's blog.   Just to be difficult (to myself) I decided I didn't want to follow the tutorial, but instead it has become more of an inspiration.  Much time wasting went into this, I seem to get a lot more completed when I have a definite pattern, but I have now a clear idea/sketch of what I want to sew and a shirt in bits.  Today (day 4) I will start sewing it and hopefully I will have another item of clothing complete by the end of the week.

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