Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Twirly Whirly Reversible Tiered Skirt

Now Xanthe is a dress girl and insisted the whole time I was making this that she did not like it!   It was not pink enough and it was not a dress!  Once it was finished I managed to convince her to put it on for photos and we have not been able to get her to wear anything else (it has now been 4 days).   Lucky it is reversible as one side has a big chocolate smear on it.  I love watching her spin about everywhere, it seems this skirt makes her feel like a little princess!  Which is exactly what I was after.  I had made a similar skirt for Alannah a couple of years ago, while it is very cute and she wears it often I felt it could do with more volume, twirl, loft?  So this time I thought I would line it, after thinking about it a bit more I decided why not make it reversible.  If I am going to all the effort of making a second skirt as lining why not use pretty fabric and have 2 skirts in one.


This is a perfect spring skirt as the extra layer gives it a bit more warmth, but sewing it in quilting cotton keeps it light and springy looking.  I have written a tutorial on how I made this skirt, which I will post later in the week.

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