Sunday, June 9, 2013

Schweizer Frauenlauf 2013

Scott and I have really been enjoying running lately.  We have been entering a few races and I am hoping to find the time to run a little more and get fit enough to enter my first half marathon later this year.  Today though was just for us girls, participating in the Swiss Woman's Run in Bern.  

I ran the 5km race and Alannah and Xanthe ran the 500m race.  Philippa is still to little but she enjoyed cheering us on with Daddy.  

This was the girls first run ever, not just race but first time going for a run.  They both enjoyed the run and look forward to their next. 

Alannah at the start line
Alannah arm in arm with another girl from the race, yep she managed to make a friend in a 3minuite 500m race!
Xanthe nearing the finishing line.
The atmosphere was great, with well over 10,000 women of all ages running and walking in various distance events. We don't plan on the girls becoming serious runners but we really enjoy the fun and excitement of being involved in such a big social sporting event and it was nice to share that with our girls.

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