Thursday, June 6, 2013

Making a Number 3 Piñata

For Alannah's 5th birthday I had about 6 attempts at making a pinata with the paper mache method but had no success, lots of fun but no usable pinata.  So I thought I would try the cardboard method this time.  Which was sooooo much easier and more successful with the added bonus of no messy gloopy glue and temperature sensitive popping balloons.  I must admit the kids were a little disappointed about the lack of gloopy glue...........I found this great number 1 pinata on Chelsea's, The Sweetest Occasion blog.  Using this as inspiration I embarked on making a 3 pinata.

Here is what you need:
  • About 4hrs (less without kid help)
  • A3 sheet of paper (if you wish to make template first), single thickness strongish cardboard (I used a packing box) and cardboard cereal box.
  • masking tape
  • glue stick
  • scissors that can cut cardboard and/or a craft knife
  • crepe paper, I used 5 colours as that is what I had on hand.

I started by making a template of the 3 shape on an A3 piece of paper.  As you can see the girls enjoyed decorating this once I had finished using it.

I then traced this onto the sides of our packing box card and cut out 2 identical 3's to form the front and back of the pinata.  Yes we moved 2 years ago, but due to having a huge basement we still have all of our packing boxes.  Which now I have discovered how much fun cardboard crafting can be will be very handy!

I used the larger panels from a cereal packed cut in half for the sides.  Taped them carefully at right angles to the front with small pieces of masking tape.  I left a hole at the top for filling with treats later.  I also reinforced the around the opening using 2 layers of cereal box card and lots of tape.  Then put 2 holes in each side and attached double thickness string to allow for hanging.

To prepare the paper fringe, cut about 2 inches from the roll of crepe paper.  Then keeping it folded cut half way up at approx 1/4 inch intervals.

I used 5 colours of crepe paper so roughly I measured 5 even sections on the pinata marked them with a pencil and started papering from the bottom up.  Due to the overlapping fringe I should have made the bottom layer an inch wider and the top an inch skinner.

To cover the 3, I started by gluing a flat layer of the green paper over the bottom curve of the 3.   Then working on the front side about an inch from the bottom of the 3 I started working around with the fringed paper.  I used a glue stick to stick down the uncut edges.  The unusual shape of the 3 did make it a little complicated to cover, but just keep working your way up from the bottom covering all the card. 

I filled the pinata with treats just before the party and covered the hole with crepe paper so it looked finished.  All in all it took me about 4hrs to make, and cost less than 4 CHF to make.

We have another birthday to celebrate in a couple of weeks so will be giving a 5 a go soon....

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