Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Holiday

Winter holidays, some like to escape the cold, we prefer to enjoy it to the max!  So last week we headed of to Serfaus in Austria for a week of fun in snow.  

After discovering the delights of a Kinder Hotel last winter, we were eager to stay at one again this winter.  Especially before the kids are old enough to ski Kinder Hotels are a  great way for the whole family to have a great time in the mountains, with daycare in the hotel with great care for the littlies all day and activities for the older skiing kids in the late afternoons and evenings.  Kids buffet at dinner, 5 course meal for Mummy and Daddy.  Baby phones to your room and often playrooms, cinema rooms and swimming pools.

Philippa had a lovely time in the daycare crafting and playing with her best friend Eleanor and Xanthe (until she decided mid week that skiing would not be so bad).  She also loved sledding from the top of the Gondola to the village with me, insisting I go faster (due to it being an icy course, Mummy was a bit of a wuss and faster we did not go!). 

Pizza at 2400m, from restaurant Lassida was also a big hit with Pippa.  Especially as it required two gondola rides to get there. 

 Lassida was also a popular lunch spot for us all.

Xanthe enjoyed daycare with Eleanor and Philippa for a couple of days, till we took her up the mountain for a morning of skiing with Mummy and Daddy, followed by an afternoon of sledding.  She loved it and decided she would quite like to try ski school the next morning.  She really enjoyed morning ski school for the rest of the week but also could not wait to spend her afternoons crafting in the daycare.

The highlight of the week for Xanthe would have to be coming second in her ski race on the last morning and winning her first ever medal!

Alannah enjoyed a big week of skiing.  She astounded us with her improvement over the week, from a very cautious beginner to a very competent and surprisingly fast red skier.  She was also super excited to place second in her ski race (and Mummy and Daddy super proud).  Not one to miss out on anything she also enjoyed crafting and swimming back at the hotel every evening.

So what about Mummy and Daddy, we enjoyed the bliss of some awesome skiing, the company of our great friends and sharing our love for the mountains and skiing with our little girls and loving that they enjoyed it all to!

We all enjoyed a wonderful holiday with our great friends, it would not have been as much fun without them.

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  1. I wonder if they have kinder hotels at the beach?! They sound awesome!