Sunday, February 24, 2013

Honey Cowl

After seeing a honey cowl knitted by Tony of Make it Perfect, I was inspired to give knitting another go.  My previous attempts were a couple of beanies made with my mothers group when we decided to start a regular knitting evening.  

With winter well underway and thinking a cowl would be so much more practical than a scarf  for the girls.  I printed off the free Honey Cowl pattern from Ravelry and stopped in a local wool shop I had noticed near the little girls'  gymnastic class. 

I decided to start with a small cowl for Philippa.  I choose a merino + wool by LANG and she choose an olive green colour, coincidentally very similar to Tony's colour.  My first attempt was so full of mistakes I unraveled it and started again.  Second attempt was much improved but a bit to narrow she wore it for awhile, but after Xanthe refused to wear the light pink honey cowl I knitted her, Philippa claimed it.  Much better fit don't you  think?

The wool is super soft, warm, nice to knit, and washes well, which is very important when knitting for kids.  Alannah loved the colour of Philippa's original cowl and so I made her one in the olive green colour.

Alannah and Philippa love their cowls and wear them daily.  I really enjoyed the knitting, they were a great project for December when I was full of cold and very little energy.  I definitely still have a lot to learn particularly about sizing and gauge.  I tend to knit tight, so that requires casting on a few extra stitches for something simple like a cowl, still need to work out how that will affect something more complicated. Loved this pattern for a lovely practical item for the girls for winter and a good introduction back into the world of knitting for me, but I think after 4 honey cowls, I am ready to try knitting something different.


  1. They are so cute - I am very glad you are blogging again too :)

    1. Thanks Catherine, I am enjoying blogging again to.

  2. they look great Margs, heaps more practical than scarves for the littlies too