Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Basel Fasnacht 2012

So I guess my first post should be an introduction, but i have been putting of starting this blog for so long.  So no more procrastinating and the formal introductions will have to wait......... 

Today is a special day, 29th Feb. But for us the parade for last day of the Basel Fasnacht was the highlight.  My daughters have been waiting for this all year!  Unfortunately they have been sick and we have missed all the lead up celebrations and most of Fasnacht.  But today the sun was shining and the kids were finally well, so into the city we went. Parading were around 20,000 people, in a few hundred cliques;

Some in bands

others, Waggis, throwing oranges, veges, flowers, toys, tons of lollies and....

........lots and lots of confetti...... 

We had an amazing afternoon, looking at all of all the fabulously detailed costumes and masks, listening to the bands, laughing at the Waggis and of course the kids ate lollies till they could eat no more! 

These celebrations, as they have all week, continue long into the night, but I am off to bed, more celebrations of a different kind for us tomorrow.

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