Monday, April 1, 2013

Cupido Cowl

Here in Basel and I guess across Europe, winter doesn't seem to want to leave which at the moment has very few pluses, but it has meant I have had lots and lots of wear out of my cowl!!

After knitting four honey cowls in rapid sucession I was keen to try something a little different for a cowl for me.  Still something quite easy as I am a beginner knitter, but a different pattern.  So I did some hunting on Ravelry and found the free Cupido Cowl pattern.

I loved knitting this, it required a little more concentration than the Honey Cowl to knit but because it had more of a pattern I could see more easily where I had lost count with rows and could correct mistakes, which I found difficult with the honey cowl.  I seem to knit tight (sorry I have no idea what the technical term for this is)  so I could have cast on a few more stitches to make it a little bigger as it is knitted in the round, but it is still comfy and cosy as it is.  I guess with more experience and practice I will work these things out. 

I used the same merino + wool  as the honey cowls, but in a musky pink.

I really like the pattern the stitches make and particularily like the cast off edge which is at the bottom of the photo above, the cast on is similar but shows up how I like on the inside not the outside, I really wish I knew more about knitting to work out how to swap that around, as I would love to make this again but have the start and finish edges the same.

For now I have put the knitting needles away.  I am desperate for some warmer even sunnier weather so feeling the need to be prepared by sewing some dresses and new sun hats for the girls for spring, if it ever comes..........


  1. Margaret! Fantastic to see you back at your blog. You are doing a great job with the writing. It will be great to keep up with all your family adventures! Helen

    1. Thanks, trying to be more regulare with posts, but living life seems to keep getting in the way.....