Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Xanthe's 4th Birthday

Sunday we celebrated Xanthe's 4th Birthday.  My little girl is growing up so fast.  I love that when I went to help her get dressed for her party she proceeded to tell me "I am 4 now mummy, I don't need your help any more".  She then proceeded to dress herself and do her own hair (with no less that 4 clips), something I knew she was capable of but have failed to convince her do previously.

We started the day with presents in bed and french toast for breakfast. 

Then our friends joined us for a simple lunch time BBQ party in the back yard.  It was such a lovely day and such great company, we partied on till almost dinner time.

The kids made their own party hats.

Went on a Scavenger Hunt.

and played and played all day.

Xanthe was thoroughly spoilt and had a wonderful day, as did we all.


  1. Beautiful pics! Happy Birthday, Xanthe! Love from Kate, Jay and Henry xxx

  2. wow - 4 already! Happy belated birthday! next she'll be in school and then it will be pippa's turn. how awesome for her to have some of her birthdays in summer!!